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About Us

bdCERT is the Computer Emergency Response Team for Bangladesh. bdCERT was formed on July 2007 and started its operation fully on 15th November 2007. bdCERT also works closely with ISPAB (ISP association, Bangladesh) and along with other CERTs. bdCERT deals with computer threats, vulnerabilities, incidents, and incident response for Bangladeshi Governments, Business Organizations and Academic Organizations.

Mission Statement

Always Trusted Contact, Increase Computer and Network Security for Bangladesh Internet and Intranet Users, Knowledge Sharing with other CERTs & Related Oraganization.

Roles & Functions

1. Provide a single point of contact for reporting local problems.
2. Share information and lessons learned with CERT/CC, other CERTs, response teams, organizations and sites.
3. Incident tracing & response.
4. Vulnerability analysis and response.
5. Guide and help the System Administrators take follow up action to prevent recurrence of similar incidents.
6. Organize training, research and development.
7. Issue security guidelines, advisories and timely advise for the CERT users.